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Bingo And Roulette: Which Is More Fun

Bingo and roulette are in many ways at the opposite ends of the casino game spectrum. Roulette is the embodiment of gambling glitz; bingo is… mostly seen as a gambling game for old people. Or a dog for kids. 

In truth, though, both games are actually very similar. They’re both games of complete chance and both are all about the right number, or sequence of numbers, coming up in order for you to win. There are major differences too, of course, in the two games’ gameplay: most notably that in roulette you bet on each number you want to win, whereas in bingo you buy a card and you only need to “bet” again when you buy a new card. 

The way that you “bet” in bingo is actually so different from most forms of betting that it’s actually not considered gambling even in places where other forms of gambling are completely illegal. Native American casinos, in particular, have a lot more leeway with bingo than other gambling games.

Which of the two games is the most purely fun, though?

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A Case for Roulette

A big part of the appeal of roulette comes down to sheer cool factor. It’s often the most glamorous table at the casino and it has featured in countless movies and TV shows that try to glamorize casino life. Just the roulette wheel itself comes to mind as the ultimate gambling apparatus. 

Is the game itself much fun, though? Well, there’s the rush of gambling that is common to all casino games, but roulette is also fun because it’s a fairly social game. Everyone gathering around the table, waiting with anticipation for that ball to finish going round and round and round on the roulette wheel until finally coming to a stop on what you hope is your lucky number. Or lucky color. It’s a fun game to be played with rather than against others. 

A Case for Bingo

Bingo easily matches the social aspects of roulette, but it has a competitive side to it in the fact that you are playing against other players, that simply isn’t there in roulette. Whether you prefer that edge is entirely up to you.   

The particularly important advantage that bingo has, actually, over roulette is that it isn’t just more competitive, but it is also more about the game itself than the betting. It’s about waiting for the right numbers to come up from the bingo spinner, matching them on your card and making sure you call out bingo before any of the other players. 

Really, just racing to shout “bingo!” is a whole lot of fun in and of itself. 

So, Bingo or Roulette?  

This mostly comes down to personal preference on whether you prefer the homelier bingo hall or the glamor of the roulette table, but it’s hard to get past that bingo simply has more fun and varied gameplay. It’s not a lot more fun, as the two games aren’t massively different, but more fun it certainly is.

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