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How does keno extra work?

Keno Extra is an online variant of classic keno. It’s played like regular keno with a key difference: once the balls have been drawn, the player has the opportunity to win an additional three matches in a further draw by purchasing three more spots (selected numbers) for the same price as the original wager.

The Rules of Keno Extra

Players are presented with a board of numbers from one to eighty and can choose between three to ten of these numbers. Twenty of these numbers are then randomly generated, and these results are displayed onscreen. If you match a specific set of numbers to those drawn, you’ll win a prize! The payout you’ll receive will depend on how many numbers a player selected at the start and how many matched with those drawn.

In Keno Extra, an additional three numbers are randomly generated after the main draw, meaning the player has three extra chances to get some winning matches!

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Keno Extra: Features

When playing Keno Extra, you can choose whether or not to activate the additional three-ball draw or not, so you can switch things up to keep play interesting. Players can keep track of their win/lose ratio stats in an easy-view central panel, where they can also see information on their zero hits and biggest jackpots to date. Via the start screen, information on how to get started playing the game can be found for those who are new to Keno or Keno Extra.

Keno Extra: The Takeaway

Keno is a fun, simple lottery-style game that’s easy to learn and offers lots of opportunities to play and wager in a way that best suits the individual player. Keno Extra adds an exciting extra element to the classic game, giving players an extra chance to match their numbers and win.

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