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How Many Keno Draws in 24 hours

Keno is a lotto-like game with its origins in Ancient China that has been played throughout the world for hundreds of years. Like any lottery ticket, the objective is to select certain numbers on your keno card or ticket and hope that they come up in the next draw. 

What Is Keno

What sets it apart from other forms of lottery games is that it makes use of a whopping 80 numbers and players actually get to choose not just the actual numbers, but how many they want to bet on – anywhere between 2 numbers and 20. 20 numbers are then drawn and winnings are determined by how many of the numbers picked match with the numbers drawn. This makes it slightly more complicated than traditional lottery games as odds are determined according to both how many numbers you picked and how many matched with the winning numbers.

Multiple Draws

Another unique aspect to keno is that unlike the lottery, there are keno draws happening not just daily, but multiple times per day. And by multiple, we mean once every four minutes, all day, every day, all year around. At least, that’s the usual way 24/7 keno works, but some sites – both physical and virtual – will limit it only to certain hours – though even then, throughout most of the day and night. Some even have draws more frequently with as little as 3 minutes between draws.

For a specific timetable, though, just check out the website you’re using or your local casino and it should be front and center. All you do is choose a time and a card, fill in your numbers, and wait a couple of minutes to find out if you won or not. This frequency of draws means that you can buy keno tickets repeatedly, but be sure not to overdo it – it’s all too easy to get caught in a spiral of spending that is the death knell of responsible gambling.

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