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How Useful Are Betting Tips on Sports Betting?

Sports betting is unique among the various forms of gambling for being based as much on knowledge as it is on luck. Luck is still involved, of course, as is the fact that the performance of a given team or player will always be entirely out of your hands, but the more you know about the sport and about the players involved, the more likely you are to do well on any given bet.

There are, however, two kinds of sports bettors. There are more casual gamblers who like to throw a couple of bucks into the ring to make things “interesting” when their team or players beats their competition, and there are serious sports bettors, for whom the main thing isn’t really about the love of the sport, and certainly not about supporting their favorite team, but is all about winning as much money as possible by betting on sports

For the former group, they really need not read on any further. You’re into Manchester United or the LA Lakers and you want to get in on the action by betting on them? Have fun! 

For more serious bettors, though it’s crucial to understand that knowledge of the sport and the players is absolutely crucial in winning big, it’s no less important to have a good idea of how to bet, when to bet and on whom to bet. For that last point, though, the big question comes down to whether you can rely on your own research to place the smartest bets possible or whether it’s really a good idea to make use of sports betting tips from a reputable (and therefore, frankly, usually costly) sports tipster.

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Why You Shouldn’t

Some of the biggest reasons not to go with a tipster are:


  1. The cost. The best tipsters, and you would only want the best if you were to go with one, cost some money to use. Not a fortune, but if you don’t want to cut into your profits, best to give them a miss. Don’t bother with most free ones. 
  2. If you really know your stuff. In part about the sport itself, but mostly in terms of knowing the odds, knowing how the odds work, knowing which players or teams might be able to beat those odds. If you’re willing to do the homework and/ or you’re sufficiently experienced with sports betting, you probably won’t need a tipster. 
  3. If you’re willing to put in the work. Knowing the ins and outs of sports betting can be learned so while you may want to make use of a tipster to give you a leg up when you start, you can learn on your own by hitting YouTube, visiting as many sports betting sites as you can, and starting with smaller bets. 

Why You Should

On the other hand, there are certain times when making the most of tipsters can really up your game:

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  1. They literally earn their living doing this. Tipsters simply have more time and resources to become really, really good at working out the best bets for each particular match. You probably have an actual job with other responsibilities, so there’s no reason to expect that you will know as much as the professional gamblers out there. 
  2. If you’re new to sports betting and you can afford the price of decent sports tipsters, you should absolutely take advantage of one. They can fill in any gaps of knowledge that you may have and you can learn from them in the process.  
  3. “Insider” knowledge. This one is said with some measure of caution. Tipsters who say they have insider knowledge about a certain game are probably, well, lying through their teeth. Or are so disreputable that you would be mad to put any money in their hands. On the other hand, tipsters may have some level of insider knowledge, not to guarantee you a win, but to give you an extra boost in learning gossip and background politics that may just be the difference between a near loss and a win.


In short, it’s entirely up to you whether to make use of sports tipsters or not. Sports betting tips are absolutely not a necessity in winning, but they can certainly help – especially if you don’t have the time or knowledge to keep track of every tiny aspect that does into each game.

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