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How Was Craps Invented

Have you ever wondered how the popular casino game of craps came to be? Who came up with the idea, and how did it evolve into the game we know today? 

Craps is a game that has been played in various forms for centuries. It’s a staple in casinos around the world and has gained a loyal following among gambling enthusiasts.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its origins, there are a few theories about how craps was invented. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of craps and explore the different theories about its invention.

Legend Has It Roman Soldiers Invented the Game 

There has been a long-debated theory that Craps was invented by the Romans. Players would use knuckle bones from pigs as dice and use their shields as a platform to play on. 

Arabic Dice Game Called Al Dar

Other people believe that the earliest origin of Craps can be traced back to the Arabs. Some speculate that the game was derived from an Arabic game called Al Dar which translates to Dice in the Arabian language. People believe that the Arabs brought the game to Europe as early as the 12th century

Sir William of Tyre 

Although there are many speculations about how the game of Crap was invented, the most common belief is that it was created by Sir William of Tyre. It’s suggested that Sir William invented the game in the year 1125 during the Crusades and named the game after a castle called Asart or Hazarth. The name later changed to Hazard. 

How Craps Became So Popular 

In the 17th century, the game called Hazard became exceptionally popular in French bars. The game didn’t require too many tools or equipment, so it could be played anywhere, even in informal settings. This made it easier for players to set up the game even in the streets. 

During this time, the name “Craps” was applied to the game, which is derived from the French word  “crapaud,” which translates to “toad.” The game was so named because of the way players would sit while playing the game. 

Brought to New Orleans 

Later the game of Craps would be transformed into an American version. It was brought over to New Orleans by a wealthy gambler named Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny. The game was then further altered by dice maker John H. Winn in the 19th century. John introduced the No Pass betting option. 

1960s Dice Became Popular 

Later, Craps would become a dice game that many soldiers would play during WWII. Then fast forward to the 60s, and the game became one of the most popular games to play in Las Vegas. 


The origins of craps remain somewhat of a mystery, with conflicting accounts and theories about its invention. However, what’s clear is that it has become a popular and exciting game enjoyed by many around the world. Whether you play it in a casino or at a social gathering, understanding the history of craps can add an extra layer of appreciation for this classic game of chance.

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