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Is It Possible to Win at Online Slots


It’s just not very likely that you’ll make more than you put in and it’s even less likely that you will win a huge jackpot.

That’s the deep, dark truth of playing online slots. But, it should be noted, that you’re not only no more likely to win playing a regular slot machine, you actually have a higher chance of winning online. The reason for this is that the payout of a slot machine depends on how much money goes into the machine and while casinos can bring in hundreds of thousands of gamblers over a year, online slots can easily do that in a day.

But whether playing online or in the real world, there’s no getting past that slot machines have one of the highest house advantages (in other words, just how often does the house always win, as a percentage) of all casino games. This means that the more you play, the less likely you are to win.

So, while you will get a fair amount of payouts – slot machines also have one of the highest payout rates of them all – those payouts will, in the vast majority of cases, come nowhere close to covering what you put in. This is why it is absolutely essential to not put a penny more into a slot machine than you have budgeted to lose. And always remember that chasing a loss or chasing a win in slots is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, because the odds get worse for you the more you play.

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So, with all this in mind, why play online slots at all, or slots in general?

Indeed, not only will people who are anti-gambling tell you to stay away from them, most serious gamblers consider them to be far less worthwhile than playing table games like poker and blackjack. Even roulette has better odds than online slots.

There’s no denying it, though. Many, many people simply love playing slot machines and whatever the “professionals” might say, have it as their casino game of choice. Somewhere between their colorful bells and whistles and the thrill of maybe, possibly, winning big on a tiny investment (which, again, can happen but is very unlikely). 

And if you’re one of these people, online slots are as good, if not better a game of chance than their real-world counterparts. Just remember to practice responsible gambling every time you make even the smallest deposit at your favorite online casino.

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