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Is Roulette Available at the Las Vegas Airport?

So, you’ve spent the past couple of weeks on vacation in Vegas, you still haven’t gotten your fill of the fully legal gambling in the State of Nevada, and you have a few hours to spare at Las Vegas Airport (McCarran International Airport) – is there a way to perhaps spend part of that at a roulette table in the airport itself?

In short, no, there isn’t. There are no table games there at all, in fact. 

What there is, though, is a wide selection of slot machines if you really feel like gambling in person, and free broadband wi-fi, that will give you the opportunity to enjoy online gaming at your own leisure, including online roulette.

As to why there are no table games in the airport, well, this is hardly surprising. Frankly, the fact that there are as many slot machines as there are is pretty surprising. Even in Sin City. The reasons for why there shouldn’t be gambling games in an airport are really quite obvious. Though presumably most people would have booked their tickets beforehand, it’s probably not great to lose all your money before even getting on the plane. More importantly, gambling games can be a major time suck, and you can very easily miss your flight if you’re not paying attention.

So, the question then isn’t whether you can play online roulette while waiting for your plane, but whether you should. Or, perhaps, if you’re going to play online roulette while waiting for your plane, what should you put into place to prevent you from missing your plane or spending too much money by having too much time to spare. 

Casino chips on roulette table

Here are a few simple things to do and keep in mind before logging in to your favorite online casino at the airport while waiting for your flight.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have done everything you need to do before boarding. If you need to go through passport control, do that. If you need to check your bags, do that too. Really, the only time you should logon to any online game (even video game) should be when you have literally nothing to do but wait for the boarding call. 
  • Set an alarm for when you’re supposed to board and try to keep your eyes on the departures board to make extra sure you’re on the ball. 
  • If you’re super early for your flight with tons of time to kill, you don’t want to spend the whole time playing online roulette or any other gambling game. It’s generally not healthy to sit around for that long so try and take as many breaks as you can.  And you really don’t want to end up losing more money than you should by getting carried away. 
  •  Responsible gambling practices are always essential no matter what game you’re playing, but sitting around at an airport can have a disorienting effect so you want to be sure that you’re extra vigilant in terms of sticking to your budget and not losing yourself in the game.  

This is all mostly true, of course, if you’re literally flying solo. If you happen to be with others, things should be rather easier. You probably won’t spend time on your own gambling and even if you do, you’ll at least have someone else to keep an eye on you.

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