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Is There a Strategy for Playing Keno?

Keno is an ancient game, originally developed in Ming Dynasty era China, and though it may not be as well known as some games of chance, it is still very much around today. 

Keno is, very simply, a variation on the old fashioned lottery card, where players are presented with numbers between 1 to 80 and they get to pick anywhere from 1 and 15 numbers (sometimes only up to 8, sometimes up to 20). 20 numbers are then drawn from a typical lottery machine and payouts are calculated according to how many of the numbers you picked match the drawn numbers and how many numbers you picked.

To give an example, let’s say you pick 4 numbers and all four match, you will get a payout of 50:1, whereas if you picked 8 numbers and 4 of them match, then you get paid out only 2:1. On the other hand, if 2 numbers match and you only pick 2 numbers, you would only get a 10:1 payout, whereas if 2 numbers match and you pick 4 numbers, you only get 1:1.


A Simple Strategy That Works

As a game of pure chance, you obviously have zero control over the numbers that are drawn, but as you may have noticed in the example above, the amount of numbers picked and the numbers that match can vary a lot.  

As such, the correct strategy is always to pick between 4 and 8 number – less than that and even getting 100% of the numbers correct will result in a fairly small payout; more than that getting even six numbers correct will also result in a much smaller payout than you would have gotten had you only picked 7 or 8 numbers. Plus, getting 2 numbers out of 80 correct when you only choose 2 numbers is virtually impossible, where the chances are obviously much, much higher of getting 2 to match if you choose 15 numbers, but the low payout makes it entirely un-worth it.       

As to which numbers to pick, well, that makes absolutely no difference. You can pick the numbers at random, you can base them on your birthday or any lucky numbers you may have, or you can even use a random number generator to do the same. If you’re superstitious, feel free to pick those special numbers of yours, but from a mathematical point of view, every number has the exact same chance of being picked. Even apparent patterns in past draws are, unless the game is rigged, still completely random.

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Can You Buy Tickets Online

So, you know how to play and what to do to maximize your chances of a nice payout, now to just find a place to play it. The good news is that this part is even easier. Many state lotteries will have Keno cards for you to buy and just about all casinos offer Keno options. 

The easiest option is to buy tickets online. There’s also online keno where you play against the computer and you can play that for money, but for our purposes, the kind of online Keno you’re looking for is one that is either live by video feed or on a lotto site where you can buy Keno tickets for their own draws. The nice thing about buying Keno tickets online is that not only is it super accessible, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake with online tickets and there are options like picking numbers randomly and some even show previous winners, in case you want to know them.

So, if you’re looking for a fun alternative to the old lottery ticket, Keno is a great way to go, whether online or in the real world.

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