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What Are Sports Betting Apps?

For as long as people have been competing with one another, others have been betting on the outcome. This is certainly true of sports. From the colosseum in Rome to the modern day Premier League, sports has been an immensely popular pastime on which to bet. After all, if you want to gamble, why play games of pure chance like slots or roulette when you can win big by using your passion for your sport and your knowledge of a sport and its players, to make smart, educated bets on the outcome of any given game?

How Sports Betting Was Done in the Past

Traditionally, of course, this was done through brick-and-mortar bookmakers. You would go into a bookie, find out what the odds are of all the sports they cover and then give them whatever you want to bet on a particular game. This required a certain level of trust that the bookies would actually put your money where you want it to be and would be able to properly pay you out if you actually win it big. 

The problem is that bookies were often not the most trustworthy and even if they were you would hear countless stories of bookies placing bets on “credit” only to find that their clients don’t actually have the money and things would get very tricky indeed. Even in the best case scenarios, where the bookie-client relationship was perfect and everything ran entirely smoothly, there’s still the question of needing to physically travel to bookies, who could be quite out of the way. And then there was the matter of the commissions that bookies would take on each bet.

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How It Is Done Now

As technology progressed it soon became possible to place bets with bookies online. This is still sometimes done today. This would save a lot of time and effort and it would be possible to shop around for the most reliable and trustworthy bookies you could find online. The only real issue with these online bookies is that you can’t pay for them with cash, they still charge commissions and you’re still relying on someone else to place a bet for you.

The advent of sports betting apps just made the whole process easier, more reliable and more profitable than ever. Available for most mobile devices, these apps are easy to use, efficient and extremely convenient. You can find the latest odds, updated virtually in real-time, and from there it’s just a matter of a couple of clicks and you’re good to go.

These apps store your payment details as part of your profile, securely and safely with the sort of encryption and other security measures that the best financial institutions make use of to keep their clients satisfied. You don’t need to find your banking details or try and raise cash, you just enter your payment details into your profile – be it credit card, eWallet or any other popular online payment method – and every bet and payout made will be done with that payment method. 

Sports Betting App Features

There are, as you may expect, hundreds of different sports betting apps but the best ones all have the same basic features.

  • Constantly updated odds on all your favorite sports
  • Easy to select games and matches that you can bet on
  • Multiple payment options, all saved in your profile
  • Strict online security and decryption common to top financial institutions
  • Near instant payouts on successful bets


Betting on sports has simply never been easier, cheaper and more convenient.

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