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What Are the Best Live Roulette Games From Evolution?

Online live roulette or live-dealer roulette is, as its name suggests, a way to play online roulette that doesn’t involve you playing by yourself against an automated program, but allows you to join real-world, in-casino roulette games from the comfort of your own home. You still place bets from your mobile or PC, but you get to join a live stream of an actual roulette game happening in real time.

One of the biggest names in live roulette is Evolution. Evolution has always been at the forefront of this groundbreaking form of online gaming and it’s not hard to see why. Their entire brand is based on creating as authentic an experience as possible, working with live casinos and making use of the best technology to bring real roulette games from the casino into your home. Evolution even boasts what is known as Dual-Play Roulette, which brings together online and in-person players to the same in-house tables. 

Evolution’s biggest draw, though, might be the wealth and variety of live roulette games on offer. Here are just five of their very best and most popular live roulette games.


Live European Roulette

This, the most popular and widely played variant of roulette, is the cornerstone of Evolution’s brand. Offering what may well be the largest amount of standard and VIP tables available from a single source of classic, European-style roulette, Evolution’s Live European Roulette is available on every device imaginable and is optimized for the specific device and screen size of your particular device.

This is the big one. The variant of live roulette that has the most significant backing from Evolution and it shows. Interaction with live dealers, a user-friendly interface and tons of features including an autoplay function, chat capabilities and on-hand statistics charts, are all part of the attraction here. As is the ability of your personal menu to save 15 favorite bets that speed up betting for everyone, while making more complex betting simple for more experienced players.

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Lightning Roulette and XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

Both varieties of lightning roulette are also among Evolution’s most popular offerings, Lighting Roulette is something of a revolution in online Roulette that takes the basic roulette gameplay to the next level. Partly, this has to do with its incredibly stylish interface that draws heavily from art deco, all presented in striking black and gold, and part of it has to do with its high-payout RNG Lucky Number wins that are added to every spin of that wheel.

Lightning Roulette gives even inexperienced, casual players the ability to win greatly multiplied payouts on a Straight Up bet – anywhere between 50 and 500 times as much, in fact, depending on which of the Lucky Numbers are struck by that eponymous “lightning” during that round.

The XXXTreme version is, as you may have guessed, more of the same, but with “more” being the operative word here. More lightning, more Lucky Numbers, and even more – and higher – multiplied wins.

Both versions of the game have won multiple awards and they deserve every one. 


Speed Roulette

Another major innovation in online roulette, Speed Roulette is a variant on the classic game that is all about cutting to the chase by having short spins, one after the other, with no “dead time” in between – betting is done as the wheel spins. This variety of live online roulette may lose some of the glamor and the luxurious pacing of traditional roulette, but it more than makes up for it with fast, furious gameplay that’s perfect, especially for busy players who only have a few minutes to “pop in” on their favorite game.

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American, French and Native-Language Roulette

Most roulette games make use of the standard European version of the game but some players may prefer live roulette that adheres more to the specific rules of their home country. Americans and, despite being located in Europe, French players have their own versions of roulette that are close to the European classic, but have small variances that give them a unique flavor. French roulette, for example, only costs bettors half their bet when the ball lands on zero and American roulette adds a double-zero number and much lower betting limits than its European counterpart.

Also, for those who simply prefer to play in their native language rather than the ubiquitous English, Evolution offers several tables in languages that include  Italian, Swedish, German, Russian, Danish, French, Flemish, Turkish, Arabic, Norwegian, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese and Romanian.   


Football Studio Roulette

Combining roulette with football may seem like an odd pairing but these two international favorites (and, to be clear, the football here is of the soccer, not NFL variety) work beautifully together in this, one of Evolution’s most ingenious and innovative roulette games. 

In this game, the roulette results are shown on “away” and “home” scorecards, replicating the football experience, and throughout play the latest football scores stream in real time, while the dealer chats with the players about the ins and outs of the beautiful game.

And there you have it, the top 5 live roulette games from Evolution. As the leading company in the field, though, you really can’t go wrong with any of their dozens upon dozens of options on offer.

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