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What Does the Term Public Betting Mean?

If you are a sports betting novice, you may find yourself deluged with confusing jargon that could be hampering your experience, and one such term you might have heard a great deal is ‘public betting’ and if that’s the case, let’s clear this confusion up and also give you some other key information that could help you with your overall sports betting strategy.


What is Public Betting?

The term public betting is generally used to tell the relevant betting audience where the majority of the betting action is currently geared towards. 

So, for instance, ahead of an NFL clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, a report may suggest that 75% of public money has backed the Chiefs, and this is a helpful indicator as to how you might choose to bet.

Often the term is used in phrases like ‘Who is the public betting on?’ which basically means who is the team or individual that most of the betting is backing. This kind of information can be very useful when it comes to making a decision as to who you might back, especially if you are undecided.

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Ways to Improve Your Sports Betting Strategy:


Stay In Your Wheelhouse

Sports betting is not a game of luck, not in the slightest. Those who regularly use casinos, both offline and online, know that much of what occurs is down to luck, though obviously, they can help to improve their chances to some extent. Sports betting is, however, not the same. 

A considerable part of a successful sports betting strategy is knowledge of the particular sporting discipline you are betting on. So, as an example, if you are a big NFL fan and know a great deal about the game, the teams, and the intricacies of American Football as a whole, then you are going to stand a better chance of winning your bet. 

So, it would make little sense to then switch to backing an NBA or MLB bet when your knowledge of basketball and baseball betting, respectively, will be significantly reduced. Stick to what you know.

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Stay Informed

In 2023 it’s easier than ever to be ahead of all the key information ahead of a bet you might be about to place. This may include updates in relation to injuries to key players, news on new additions to a roster, or, indeed, relate to a team’s form guide. 

Say perhaps you are about to back the Los Angeles Lakers in an upcoming game, but you didn’t note that LeBron James has pulled out with a slight tweak, then you may well pay the price.

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Don’t Chase Losses

If you have suffered a few betting failures, there can be a temptation to push on to break the streak, but this isn’t a sensible or logical course of action. Betting has to be, to some extent, seen as a form of entertainment. If your interest is purely financial, there are other, more viable, avenues to take. 

Sports bettors are predominantly fans of a particular sport, and they are looking to place a bet to sweeten the deal. So with this in mind, the moment it’s no longer fun, take a step back and think about your next bet. 

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