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What Is 50-Ball Bingo & How To Play?

50 Ball Bingo is a new and online-exclusive variant of bingo that is still very much an up and comer that is actually only available at select online casinos, but it’s certainly worthy getting on this particular train early on because it’s sure to be a huge hit in the months to come. 

What is 50 Ball Bingo, though, and how do you play it?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest bingo sensation.


What It Is?

50-Ball Bingo is, in many ways, a followup to 30-ball bingo, which is one of the more popular variants of bingo out there. The gameplay is very quick and is made all the quicker considering that there are only a few numbers on each card. Yes, there are 50 numbers, but the way it works is that there’s a strip of 5 tickets with all the numbers between 1 and 50 being spread across all 5 strips, with each strip containing ten numbers chosen at random.

Each of the tickets is set up by having 5 numbers across and 2 down, with each column consisting of 2 out of 10 numbers. The first column is drawn from numbers between 1 and 10, the second is drawn from between 11 and 20, with each of the three remaining columns following the same pattern.

Here’s an example of what a 50-ball ticket looks like:


5 12 23 37 42
8 13 29 40 46

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How to Play

Like all versions of bingo, the objective is for a line of numbers to match those being called out. The big difference here, of course, is that while your traditional bingo game would have a ticket with 5 columns and 5 rows, 50 ball bingo only has 5 columns and 2 rows. What this means is that while on traditional bingo cards, you can match numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally, in 50-ball bingo you have to match the numbers in a horizontal line (5 across, in other words). 

While this might seem more limited, it actually makes for a much speedier game as players are all competing with just two rows of numbers. There are, however, two ways to win. 


  • A line. Have all five numbers in one row on one of your tickets match the numbers called out. 
  • A full house. Have both rows on a card match the numbers called out. This obviously has a bigger payout. 

Within one game of bingo, you can have 1 player win both the line and a full house, first by winning the line and then winning the second line too, but it might also be the case that one player wins the line, while another wins a full house. This could happen because in bingo, the aim is to be the first to match those numbers. So, while one person may well have a whole row made up of numbers called out before anyone else, a second person may win the full house and not the line by having, say, 4 numbers from the top line called out and 3 from the bottom when the first person wins the line and then have the remaining 3 numbers called out afterwards.

As is always the case, the more tickets you buy in a single game, the more likely you are to win. And remember, just because all 50 numbers are printed out across 5 tickets, you are free to buy 1 ticket or 50. It can make a difference, though, whether you buy a single ticket 5 times or buy a strip of 5 tickets. In the latter case, there will be no duplicates of numbers across the tickets, whereas buying separate individual tickets will often have duplicates.

As such, the smart move would be to buy individual tickets if you plan on playing 5 or less tickets, but if you want, say, 50 tickets, it would make more sense to buy 10 full strips. This maximizes both the likelihood of your winning and the simplicity of actually playing that many tickets at once.

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Should You Play?

So, the big question then becomes whether it’s worth hunting down websites that offer 50-ball bingo or should you just stick with other variants of the game?

In most respects, it’s entirely up to you. Bingo is, basically, bingo – a game of chance consisting of matching numbers before anyone else does. The big appeal of 50-ball bingo, then, is that it’s a much faster game than any other version of bingo, which makes it ideal both for people with limited time on their hands and those who simply prefer faster, more furious gameplay than the often drawn out rounds of traditional bingo.

If you’re a bingo fan at all, though, and like playing it online, you’d be a fool not to at least give this exciting new online variant a try.

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