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What Is the Best Online Scratch Game?

When it comes to picking the best online scratch card game, the truth is that it depends on what you’re looking for. 

Do you want a scratch game that most closely resembles physical scratch cards that you can buy at a grocery store or something with flashier gameplay and graphics? Are you looking for a game that frequently pays out at least some money or are you looking for a game that only pays out huge sums once in a blue moon?  

There are four main types of online scratch games, each scratching a different itch, if you’ll pardon the pun. Here’s what they are, in brief, and which of the many individual games represent the best from each category:


Bingo Scratch Cards

These scratch games resemble actual bingo games, with simplified versions of bingo boards revealed after “scratching” them with your mouse. They even simulate bingo ball dispensers. 

These are ideal for people who enjoy the gameplay of bingo added to the simplicity and instant winnings of scratch cards. The best of these games is probably Bubble Bingo.


Casino scratch cards

These scratch games mix the gameplay and look of well-known and well-loved casino games like slots, roulette and poker with scratch game dynamics. So, for example, a poker scratch game works by having the player dealt a traditional poker hand and then scratching to find out if their cards represent a winning hand. Aside from slot scratch games, these don’t have the same massive payouts as other types of scratch games but there’s a greater chance to win. 

The best of these games is entirely dependent on what your favorite casino game is, but slots scratch cards are the perennial favorites.


Lottery Scratchcards

These are the closest to traditional, lottery scratch cards that you would buy at your local supermarket or gas station. Online lottery scratch cards tend to keep the same aesthetics and the same gameplay as your average real-world scratch-card but some of them do spice things up with different themes, like movie-related cards.

The best of these, probably, is Jungle Joy, both for its graphics and authenticity and for the way you win by matching different kinds of animals rather than plain old numbers. These games tend to award big payouts, as well as smaller winnings.


Jackpot Scratch Cards

Not technically their own category as they can come in the form of any of the above scratch games, but jackpot scratch card games are notable for huge, life-altering jackpot bonuses. These games don’t pay out very often, but when they do, they pay out HUGE. 

The best of these are whichever happens to have the biggest jackpot at any given time, but for solid graphics, easy gameplay and a fun theme, Beat the Bank is a favorite for a reason.   


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