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What Makes Craps a Good Game to Play

Craps is one of the most popular games in any casino and there are good reasons for that. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why craps is such a great game to play and why it deserves to be as popular as it is.

It’s the Most Exciting Table at Any Casino

This one’s simple. If you want to know why you should play craps, there is no bigger reason than the fact that the craps table is always the most happening place in any casino. There’s a palpable sense of excitement and glamor at the craps table that you won’t find at the more sober blackjack tables and especially not at the lonely slot machines. Your primary reason for going to the casino should be for fun, not for money, and craps is super fun.

The Better Bets Have Some of the Lowest House Advantages at a Casino 

Fun may be the main objective of smarter casino-goers, but you obviously want to make some money while you’re there and craps has some of the lowest house advantages of any casino game. The best bets you can make have a 0% house advantage and even the less major bets are far better than most. Here are some of the more notable.


  • Don’t pass line – 1.36%
  • Pass line – 1.41%
  • Odds six or eight – 0%
  • Odds five or nine – 0%
  • Odds four or 10 – 0%
  • Place six – 1.52%
  • Place eight – 1.52%


Those are very, very low house advantages, if you didn’t know.

You Get to Actually Play

Unlike something like blackjack or roulette, you actually get to participate in the actual gameplay. In particular, you get to actually roll the dice. Picture all those movies that revolve even a little bit around a casino and you’re all but guaranteed to be confronted with the image of the (usually male) hero standing at the craps table with beautiful women on each arm, one of which blows on the dice before our hero rolls the perfect hand. Real life isn’t quite so glamorous, but there’s a reason why this particular cliche became quite so widespread.

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The Pace 

The craps table is super exciting, but it’s also very, very chilled. While other tables in a casino feature fairly relentless gameplay with new bets happening every minute – at most – the actual game of craps gives players plenty of time to hang out and socialize. That’s probably not the best news for those who are there just to play the game and nothing else, but if you want more from your casino experience than just the games themselves, the craps table is the only place to be.

So Many Betting Options

The craps table has so many different betting options that there are always new things to learn and new ways to play. Some of those bets are real long shots, some less so; some have very low house advantages, some very much not, but whether it’s line bets, place bets, or hop bets, there’s so much space for you to play around.

Craps is definitely a game that does not live up to its name! 

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