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What Makes Real-Money Online Roulette Fun

One of the major attractions of roulette when played in a proper casino is that there’s a certain glamor to it that few other casino games come close to matching. The tried and true roulette wheel has been around for centuries and it still embodies the casino like nothing else. Picture it: men in tuxedos and women in night dresses gathered around the roulette table while the croupier spins that iconic roulette wheel. 

How can a virtual, online version of the same gambling game possibly live up to that? Sitting in your underwear, alone, in front of your computer monitor or on your phone, playing a simulation – even a real-stakes simulation – of roulette will obviously never live up to the social scene that can develop around a roulette table or the glamor that it brings with it.

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But does that mean online roulette isn’t still fun? Not at all. Here are a few reasons you may want to still make real-money online roulette your gambling game of choice:

  • Convenience. Sure, online roulette doesn’t draw in the crowds like its brick-and-mortar counterpart, but the gameplay is still the same, as is the chance to win some actual money, and it comes with the added benefit of being able to play it wherever you are and whenever you feel like.
  • Fast. Fun. Easy. Online roulette carries the same fun gameplay as real roulette and it’s as easy to learn too. It’s as simple as placing your virtual coins on the numbers and colors you hope to win and then pressing the “spin” button. Best of all, it’s such a snappy game that you can pick it up for a quick spin or two when you’re standing in line at the supermarket or when nature calls.
  • Top-notch, low-impact apps. The best online roulette apps do their best to simulate the casino experience with brightly colored roulette tables, realistic sound effects and lifelike replicas of that all important roulette wheel. Unlike your average mobile game, though, some apps can even be played offline and you never need a high-end phone or laptop to run it at full power.
  • Win actual money on the go. Also unlike your average mobile game, real-money online roulette games will reward you with some actual money when you win. This is no small thing. All without needing to work in transport costs and entrance fees. 
  • Variety is the spice of life. Casinos tend to have pretty standard setups around their roulette tables because, honestly, why mess with perfection, but the developers of the best roulette apps understand that they need to compensate for the lack of glamor and glitz of the real deal so they beef up the apps themselves with all sorts of bells and whistles that makes playing a variety of different apps a pleasingly unpredictable and varied experience.
  • Virtual benefits. Like online slots, developers can and do program extra bonuses into the game that simply can’t be replicated on the real-world, decidedly mechanical counterparts. Free spins and cash bonuses aren’t found at any real-world roulette table but they’re part and parcel of the online experience.


Combine all these factors and you have an online game that can give perennial faves like online poker and slots a real run for their money.

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