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Why Is Online Rummy Better Than Offline Rummy

Rummy is one of the easier games to learn how to play, so much so that it is a favorite of families with fairly young kids. The rules are straightforward, the gameplay requires little more than an ability to match similar cards and sequences, and the strategies needed to get really good at the game are easy to learn. It’s also a fun, relaxed game that is extremely popular worldwide, but most especially in India where it’s one of the few games players can play for money.

But which version of rummy is better – online or offline/ real-world?

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In truth, there are many reasons to prefer playing rummy in person with friends and family, but the online version offers several advantages over the offline version.

These include:

  • You don’t need anyone else to play with. The social aspects of offline rummy are great and all, but sometimes you feel like playing a game when no one else is around or if they simply aren’t in the mood to play with you. With online rummy this is simply never an issue. 
  • Have a family member who keeps beating you at rummy? Well, online rummy is the perfect place to perfect your game. Practice is key for games like rummy and the fact that you can play without worrying about gathering other players online makes it perfect for this purpose. 
  • There are a number of different versions of rummy available and chances are the people you play with prefer one kind over others, be it classic rummy, gin rummy or one of the many other variants. Online, though, you can pick and choose whichever form of rummy catches your fancy. 
  • Playing rummy for money can obviously be done with other players, but online rummy is both more competitive and easier to find players on your level. Just make sure the site you’re on is reputable and secure. 
  • An online community of serious players. If you take rummy more seriously than your usual offline playing partners, there is a large and bustling community of similarly serious rummy fans to interact with and learn from.


So, for the full social experience, stick to offline rummy, but for a more accessible, in-depth and competitive rummy experience, online is the way to go.

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