Silvergames Bingo Solo


Free bingo online is simple enough if you head over to There you can create a free guest account and start the play. Just be aware that you might have to write an original guest name or the site won’t create an account for you.

If you choose a very common name they will give you suggestions and you can click Create to get your guest account and start the games. You will immediately hear the ongoing bingo game and you can click into any game that this site has to offer.

Easy bingo for beginners

As you start up your Bingo Solo game on, you will have 3 choices for speed. If you are a beginner player, you should choose slow. This will let you follow the game easily and thereby learn how to play bingo online.

Choices for your individual game

This bingo game is pretty automatic. Everything will play out regardless of what you do. But you can press the pause button if you want. You can also opt out of the sound if you find that it gets too overwhelming or you are in a place where this is not appropriate.

Nice graphics and smooth animations

The graphics might not impress but they are nice. And most importantly, they will make it easy for you to overview your bingo game. The animations are nice and smooth and not too flashy. All in all, this is a very nice bingo game that you can play for free to get started with bingo online!

Additional games