Tropical Safari


This slot will take you back to the 1980’ies with a certain digital feel and design. It is easy enough to get started with Tropical Safari. You can play the game for free and all you have to do is click on the screen to start.

Playing with several paylines

Tropical Safari shows you how to play slots with many paylines. In this game, you will pick the amount of paylines that you want to activate. Just click on the button for this and then start the game.

Under the reels, you will see your credit and what you win. The game is fast paced but not difficult. Since you never risk your own money, it is easy enough to simply roll on to see what happens.

Not the best graphic

It should be said that this game is not impressive when it comes to graphics. They are outdated and quite boring. You can’t compare it to later games from the slot giants like Microgaming and NetEnt.

Having said that, we must point out that this is a very clear game. If you are looking to learn the ropes and understand online slots this can be a good start. However, you will soon get bored with the theme. Then you can click on the button Lobby for other options.

Simple sound effects

The sound effects are simple and therefore they don’t irritate. But if you don’t like the little sound effects when you click on buttons and spin the reels, you can turn them off.

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