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Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold Em


Casino Hold Em is a fun way to play the beloved card game against a dealer instead of against other players. Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold Em takes this game and steps it up a notch with some fun side action that can lead to huge payouts along with the traditional casino hold’em action. In this review of Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, we break down everything there is to know about this fun twist on a casino classic.

How Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold Em Works

With Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, the core structure of the game works similarly to most casino hold ‘em titles. Bettors receive two cards, the dealer receives two cards, and five community cards are issued. The side with the best five-card hand wins each hand. When bettors win their hand, they receive winnings on their ante and can earn a payout on their blind bet as well.

Bettors have the opportunity to place an additional bet on their hand pre-flop as well as after the flop. Bettors who are good at gauging the strength of their hands at those junctures can give themselves a great chance to win a sizable amount on each hand. But the real excitement from this game comes with the chance to win by placing trips side bets and getting dealt big hands.

With the trips side bet, bettors can multiply their bet if they get hands of three of a kind or better. A royal flush on the trips side bet can yield a payout of 50x, along with the potential for a 500x payout on a player’s blind bet for a royal flush. Blind bets pay out multiplied amounts on straights or better, and that is where the profits can really roll in if the cards go a player’s way.

About Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino is available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Along with their excellent selection of table games, they have hundreds of slot titles to choose from. They offer a deposit match promotion to new customers that can lead to a sizable increase in a player’s balance before they place their first wager.

Unibet Ultimate Texas Hold Em - Questions and answers

The max payout amount for this game depends on how much a player wagers and whether or not they play the trips side bet feature. But bettors can receive up to 500x their blind bet on a royal flush and up to 50x their trips bet on that same hand.

There is not a specific bonus round in this game the way you would see in many slots or table games. But there is the potential to land a huge payout in the event a bettor hits some of the bigger hands, including royal flushes and straight flushes, which can be plenty lucrative in their own right.

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