Blackjack website

This website focuses on the following games: Blackjack is an online resource that aims to provide clear and concise information about blackjack. It offers a wide range of information to improve your game. From the basics of blackjack to advanced strategies and practice problems, it’s got it all. It even features a forum where players can discuss, ask questions about the game, and come together to learn from each other.

One of the unique features of is its blackjack strategy engine. The engine allows players to input their hand and the dealer’s upcard, to test optimal play for particular situations. It’s an excellent tool for beginner and intermediate players looking to improve their strategy and speed up learning.

The website also features a complete blackjack curriculum. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner! You will learn everything, from card counting to money management and psychological analyses! Website creator, Ken Smith, touts that he used to charge 400$ for this course, which is now free for all.

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