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BetRivers Cash Machine Slot


Every time bettors fire up an online slot, they hope that game turns into their own personal cash machine. But with the Cash Machine online slot game, every spin comes from a cash machine, win or lose. This game is one of the easiest slot titles to understand, which makes it perfect for both new and experienced online slot players.


How the BetRivers Cash Machine Game Works

The BetRivers Cash Machine game is incredibly easy to understand, as there are just three reels, with one item showing up on each during each spin. Bettors win the amount that they see after each spin, meaning that if a reel is blank, it does not add any winnings to a player’s total. The reels that do display a number are put together to form the amount that a player wins.

For example, if the reel on the left side shows a five and the next two reels each show a zero, the player would win 500 credits, which are multiplied by the bet level and denomination for each spin. The minimum bet amount per spin is just $1, while there is a $100 maximum bet per spin. While some slots have a lower minimum, this range is certainly satisfactory as it should meet the needs of most players.

If there is a criticism of this game, it is the fact that it could be a little too simplistic for some slot players who may prefer more in-depth titles. That is a matter of personal preference, of course, but with so many titles having a ton of paylines and unique bonus rounds, this game could fall flat for some. There are occasional respins on reels that come up blank, but this is about as flashy as this game gets.


About BetRivers Casino

BetRivers joins several online casino sites by being available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. In addition to the strong selection of games that they offer, BetRivers also has frequent slot tournaments, which spice up the action on the slots for players on a regular basis.


BetRivers Cash Machine Slot - Questions and answers

The maximum payout on this game is 10,500 credits, which means a maximum payout of $105,000 at the maximum bet denomination of $10. For that to happen, bettors need the first reel to show a 10, the second to show a five, and the third to show a double zero.

There are no bonus rounds or anything particularly fancy about this slot title. Instead, there are occasionally respins awarded that keep existing numbers on the reels while also opening up the opportunity for more numbers to appear and lead to a bigger payday. Those looking for bonus rounds and more bells and whistles may want to look for other slot titles, though.

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