Rummy HD App Review

Rummy HD


With Rummy HD, players can enjoy customizable rummy games and can play for free with no limits as to how many games they can play. While there are a couple of things this app leaves to be desired, this app offers a solid mobile rummy experience for those who download it.

How Rummy HD Works

This game allows players to take on up to three opponents, with the ability to customize the rules of the game. Players can change rules such as whether players can limit jokers in their melds, the point value of their melds, and the point total needed to win the game. However, players cannot compete against other human players in this game, which is a miss compared to other rummy games.

Also, the title Rummy HD is a little misleading with this game title. The graphics in this game are lacking compared to some other online rummy games, as this game does not feature the High Definition graphics that its name would suggest.

About LITE Games GmbH

LITE Games GmbH is the developer of Rummy HD. They have created several card game apps, such as Canasta and Crazy Eights. They also offer puzzle games such as Sudoku and Othello, giving players several options for games meant to relieve stress and test the memory and strategy of those who play them.


Rummy HD - Questions and answers

Players can customize each rummy game that they play with Rummy HD. They can change everything from the number of players in this game to the point values of different moves throughout gameplay.

This app can be downloaded for free from app marketplaces such as the App Store and Google Play.

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