Super Phase Rummy Game

Super Phase Rummy


Super Phase Rummy is an easy-to-understand rummy game where players take on computer-generated opponents to try and complete all phases of each game. This game comes with customizable rules and a format that is easy to understand for both new and experienced players of this card game.

How Super Phase Rummy Works

With Super Phase Rummy, the goal is to complete all 10 phases of the game, which can consist of combinations of sets, runs, and groups of one color of cards. The game’s phases can be randomly generated or pre-defined. Either way, there is a clear expectation of what players need to do to win this game, which is a big positive to its gameplay.

If there is a negative to this game, it is the fact that players cannot play against human opponents in this game. There is a leaderboard where players can try to put together the best scores. But the ability to improve those rankings against actual human competition would be nice.

About Paul Burlov

The developer of Super Phase Rummy is Paul Burlov. Along with this title, his portfolio of available apps includes titles like Skip Rummy and Skip 10 Solitaire, as card and puzzle games are his areas of focus.

Super Phase Rummy - Questions and answers

The only type of rummy that is available to be played in this app is the Phase 10 rummy game that is mentioned above. The rules of the game can be customized to some extent, though, including whether or not each phase is random or defined ahead of time.

This app can be downloaded for free in major app marketplaces like Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

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