BetRivers Let It Ride

BetRivers Let It Ride


Let It Ride is a popular yet underrated casino game, as it does not get the same attention as games like blackjack and roulette. But with the BetRivers Let It Ride game, bettors can take on this casino game online and enjoy both the traditional bets and side bets that are up for grabs in this table game.

How BetRivers Let It Ride Works

With the BetRivers Let It Ride game, there are as many as four bets available to be placed on each hand. The first three bets for each hand are mandatory, as bettors have to place three bets on each hand of equal amounts. Bettors can then choose to place an additional bet on the three-card bonus side wager, where additional payouts can be earned when a player’s three-card hand features a pair or better.

As far as the gameplay is concerned with this title, everything moves quickly and smoothly. The only thing that can slow things down is bettors having to decide whether they want to pull a bet or let it ride after each round of cards is dealt. But this game moves briskly and is great for players who are new to it or familiar with the game.

About BetRivers Casino

BetRivers Casino has more casino games to choose from than most online casino sites in the United States. Even better, they make it so easy to find each and every one of the games that they have on their site. Bettors can use a menu that separates games by type and by developer, along with a search bar that makes it easy to find games quickly, so less time is wasted finding games and more time is spent playing them.

BetRivers Let It Ride - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is $320,000. To earn that payout amount, bettors must put the maximum bet of $100 on all three standard bets along with the three-card bonus wager. They must then hit a five-card royal flush, which would pay out at 1,000x on the three standard wager slots and 200x on the three-card bonus feature as a mini royal flush.

BetRivers Casino is available in four states where online casino gaming is legal in the United States. Those states are New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Bettors cannot place bets on Let It Ride or any other game unless they are physically located in one of those states.

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