Let It Ride Casino App

Let It Ride Casino App


The Let It Ride Poker Casino App lets players take on the famous table game Let It Ride on a free-to-play mobile app. All of the same functions of the card game that you would find at a land-based or online casino are available. But without the need to play for real money on this app, players can learn everything there is to know about this game and develop their own strategies without any pressure involved.

How the Let It Ride App Works

With the Let It Ride app, players receive chips just for downloading the app and starting to play. Those chips can then be used to wager on hands of Let It Ride, with different tables supporting different wager amounts. This game features the traditional wagers on the Let It Ride tables, along with a side bet that can potentially increase a player’s winnings on each hand.

To start each hand, players will place three identically sized wagers on three separate card slots. They will then receive three cards, one on each of those slots. Players can then decide whether they want to pull the bet from each of those slots after they see their three cards and after each of the two community cards arrive. If a player has a hand featuring a pair of 10s or better, they will receive a payout for their remaining bets according to the game’s paytable.

As far as the game’s side bet option is concerned, bettors can wager on how their three original cards will play out. Bettors can get a payout on a pair or better showing up in their three-card hand with this side bet. That could lead to up to a 50/1 payout if a player earns a “mini royal” consisting of a suited ace, king, and queen.

About Oneros Tech (OPC) Private Limited

Oneros Tech (OPC) Private Limited is the game developer behind the Let It Ride Casino App. They have several casino-themed games that players can download for free, including roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, and baccarat. All of these games are not for real money, as players will instead receive free chips that they can use to play their favorite casino games when using these apps.

Let It Ride Casino App - Questions and answers

The maximum win for this game comes when a player’s five-card hand ends up as a royal flush. In this game, a royal flush results in a 1,000x payout on the bets that a player made before the start of the hand. Just how much the payout ends up being in play money depends on the bet amount a player makes.

This app is available for free download through all major app marketplaces. That includes the App Store and Google Play, with in-app purchases being an option, though they are not mandatory to enjoy the core functionality of this game.

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