SG Digital Let it ride poker


We love and hate this Let it ride game! The SG Digital version is easy to play and comes with fabulous graphics. But there is a pesky fly in the poker soup, the music! It is loud and intense and not at all what we find suitable for poker games.

So, we simply turned the sound off, missing other effects just to get away from that intense beat that made it hard to focus on the game.

The good things about Let it ride from SG Digital

Now, let’s look at the good things about this free Let it ride poker game. There are many. To begin with, you will easily understand how to play. The game is played with one card deck of 52 cards.

You make 3 equal bets in the circles at the bottom of the table. After this, you will get 3 cards to start with. There are 2 community cards that are hidden face down. Now you can pull, withdraw the bet or let it ride to keep the bet going.

The first of the hidden community cards is turned and now you can make the same 3 choices after which the 2nd community card is revealed.

How to win the game

Anything from a pair of 10s and above will win. If you get less than a pair of tens, you lose the game.

We think that this is a nice free Let it ride poker game. It works well for learning purposes and you can opt to play it for real if you want to. But if you care a lot about the music and sound effects, you can find better versions.

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