Double Double Bonus Poker


This is a really cool online video poker game. A great advantage is that you can play it for free and for money. If you notice that you are doing really well, you might want to try out your luck with a real money bet.

Begin playing the game

It is easy enough to start playing this video poker game. You don’t have to read up on the rules, but if you want to, just click on the information bar at the top right corner. The cards are placed on the table and you can choose to play with auto-hold if you would like to.

But we find that this function makes the game a bit boring. After all, it is your choice of what cards to hold that makes the game so exciting. But if you are new to video poker it might be a nice support to begin with.

Clear-cut graphics

The graphics are very nice and clear-cut. Thanks to that you will not get confused. It is easy to understand how to play even if you have never tried video poker before. Double Double Bonus Poker is a fun and entertaining game.

The sound effects are sparse and well-placed. Should you want to play without these effects, you can simply press on the symbol for sound.

We think this game can be a good introduction to video poker. It is also a nice free game to try if you are looking to try different versions of the original game.

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