Joker Poker


When it comes to casino games online, Play n GO knows what they are doing! This Joker Poker video poker game is simply wonderful. It has been designed to fit experienced as well as beginner video poker players.

If you want to, you can use keyboard shortcuts to play the game. But this is not necessary. You will find it smooth and easy to mark the cards that you want to keep by simply clicking on them.

Get started with Joker Poker

As the name suggests, the jokers in this game will work as wild cards. This makes it feel as if your winning chances increase. It also makes the game more entertaining. Once you deal the cards, you will be able to click on the ones you want to hold.

Now you will click on the Deal button again. The cards that are not held will switch. First, the cards are turned with the backside up and then the new cards are dealt. This is a nice detail that we have not seen in all video poker games online.

Nice help with poker hands

Should you forget what hands to aim for, you get nice support with the table that is always seen over the game. This table also shows you how many points each hand will give you. That way it is much easier to decide what to go for.

You can play the game for real

If you do well in this game, you can play it for real money. Play n GO casinos will have it. Just remember that it is always easier to win on a free video poker game where you start over on and on again without any cost.

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