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Golden Nugget Deuces Wild


Deuces Wild is a fun form of video poker where deuces are transformed into other cards to form winning hands. Golden Nugget Deuces Wild is a solid version of this video poker classic, as players can earn huge potential payouts if the virtual cards go their way. Here, we look at Golden Nugget Deuces Wild and everything that this title has to offer to players.


How the Golden Nugget Deuces Wild Game Works

This video poker title works the same way that other deuces wild games work, without any sort of twists on the class game format. Bettors are issued five cards at the start of each hand and can choose which of those cards they want to keep. The cards that are not kept are discarded and replaced, with the resulting hand being a player’s final hand.

As is the case in any poker game, the goal is to get the best hand possible, with video poker not requiring players to compete against a dealer or an opposing player. Instead, there is a paytable on the screen that lists the potential payouts for each winning card combination. These combinations start paying out at three of a kind, all the way up to the elusive royal flush.

Of course, the card that players will want to see the most is the two, as these serve as wild cards in this game. Those cards can be used to represent any card to help form more lucrative card combinations in a player’s hand. While royal flushes are penalized for using deuces, no other card combination is.


About Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget Casino is available in New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia, where it offers a huge selection of online casino games. This site boasts over 1,000 total games, including over 1,000 slots and over a dozen video poker games. For bettors who want variety above all else, Golden Nugget is going to be the place to go.

Golden Nugget Deuces Wild - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is the $100,000 payout on a royal flush on a $25 max bet. The royal flush pays out at 4,000x in this game, with bettors able to win six figures on a single hand if things go their way. While the odds of hitting a royal flush are astronomical, they do pay very nicely if a player is lucky enough to hit it.

There is no bonus round in this video poker title, as bettors can only earn enhanced payouts from hitting specific cards in their hands. While some video poker titles offer multipliers and other ways to increase payouts, this game does not do so. However, there are still avenues to hit big payouts via royal flush or other huge hands.

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