DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno Game

DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno


Keno is a game that allows game developers to get a little creative with their presentation, and DraftKings Casino Mad Yeti Keno takes full advantage of that. In this game, bettors are taken to an arctic setting in an attempt to pick winning numbers and take down the yeti in the process. Here, we look more closely at DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno and go over exactly what players can expect when they aim to anger the Yeti.

How DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno Works

In DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno, players can pick anywhere from three numbers to 10 numbers before they start each round. They can also wager anywhere from $1 per round to $50 per round, with the maximum payout per round ranging from $1,600 to $80,000, depending on how much a player wagers during a maximum round of 10 numbers.

With each number that a player hits during a round, the bigger their payout, though the first couple of numbers in a 10-pick round don’t yield any payout. Additionally, the yeti on the side of the screen in this game is pelted with a snowball each time a player hits a number on their keno card. There is a health bar next to the yeti, which gets angrier with each level reached on that bar. But no bonus or anything is awarded for achieving Maximum Yeti Rage, which is disappointing.

The reality with this game is that it is difficult to win, as bettors are only able to cover a maximum of 10% of the board ahead of each round. But the addition of the yeti into the game at least makes each round more entertaining, and there is still the potential to earn a sizable payout on occasion.

About DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino has emerged from its competition in terms of the number of games that they offer their customers. This is not the case in terms of the sheer volume of games available but in terms of the diversity of game genres that they offer. Games like keno and craps that are not available at many casinos are available in bunches at DraftKings, which is great for players looking to change things up.

DraftKings Mad Yeti Keno - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is $80,000, which comes from hitting all ten numbers on a 10-pick keno card at the maximum bet amount of $50. This is an exceedingly unlikely outcome, but it is possible to hit all ten numbers and come away with this gigantic payout.

DraftKings Casino is available in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, the four states that feature online casino gaming the most prominently. Bettors can download the DraftKings Casino app and deposit funds from any state, but they cannot place bets unless physically located in one of those four states.

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