Vegas Slots Online Keno


This is a free Keno game that works exactly like the casino version you can play with real bets. It is a great start for a player wishing to understand Keno online. The setup of this game makes it so easy to get started.

Place your Keno bet

To begin with, you are encouraged to pick your Keno numbers from the playing field. There are 80 numbers, 1-80, to choose from. You can place your bet on up to 10 numbers. As you play on a free Keno version this will not be any risk for you. Just bet as much as you want!

When you select a number, it turns blue and is also shaking. This makes it easy to keep track of your selection. If you don’t want to select the numbers by yourself, you can have the software do this randomly for you.

Some interesting game features

Thanks to the clear graphics and smooth animations, this is an enjoyable Keno game. You do get sound effects but they can be turned off if you think they are too loud or just annoying. You have several bet levels and each bet can have its own win.

If you get several winnings with different bets, they will all be added to your winning sum. Just know that you can’t win more than 5000000 per game. Winnings are shown as credits and these will then be translated to the currency you play with.

You can play this game for real money if you want to. Just remember that it is always easier to win when you play Keno for free and can start round after round without any change in your budget.

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