Keno War


If you love the lottery game Keno, you must try this free Keno game online. Keno War is a version of classical Keno with 2 separate sets of 20 non-repeat numbers. These numbers will be drawn at random from 80 non-repeat numbers.

The numbers in this Keno game ranges from 1 to 80 and they will be drawn using a RNG system. One set in the game represents the Player, and one set represents the Banker.

The Player or the Banker will win

The numbers drawn in both sets on your screen are divided into several variations and variables according to the possible bets. This way you will get the final result. You will see who wins the war and what the payout is.

Some possible bets are:

  • Player or Banker – The total sum of the 20 numbers is calculated and either the Player or the Banker wins. When the sum is equal, it is a tie.
  • Big or Small sum – A Big sum is 1,621 or greater and a Small sum is 1,620 or smaller.
  • Odd or Even – Bet on winning with Odd or Even number.

Apart from these you have interesting bets with wars between Submarines and Helicopters or Tanks and Fighters. These have bigger odds so you risk more but can also win more with them.

Before you being Keno War, it is important that you have a look at the different bets to understand them. This is a creative version of this lottery game, and you will enjoy it better if you understand your options.

Since you can play Keno War for free, you are not taking any risk as you are learning by playing round after round.

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