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How Many Blackjack Tables Are There in Casinos?

If this sounds a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?” you’re right. The amount of blackjack tables obviously varies a lot from casino to casino. You may as well ask about the amount of slot machines, VIP poker rooms, and the number of sodas sold in their vending machines. That said, though, this is actually a very important question to ask about whichever casino you happen to be visiting – or whichever online casino you’ve landed on. It’s important, obviously, if you’re intending to play blackjack, but it’s an important question to ask even if you’re not.

Though slot machines are the lifeblood of any casino with their mix of cheap playing fees, high chances of paying out something and extremely low chance of winning more than you put in, let alone winning a jackpot, the trustworthiness and real value of a casino are directly proportional to its blackjack offerings. 

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Blackjack is by far the most popular table game of them all, and it’s where you’ll find most of the serious gamblers who aren’t playing high stakes poker games in the VIP rooms. As such, if a casino fails to provide both a substantial number of blackjack tables and numerous tables with a wide variety of minimum bets, it means there’s something very wrong going on.

It might mean that the casino either doesn’t care for the needs of their customers by providing adequate tables for their favorite card game or worse, that they can’t actually afford them. It might also mean, more charitably, that the casino caters to a very specific audience made of usually poorer punters, who are primarily interested in the simple, cheap thrills of slots. Worst of all, they may not have enough blackjack tables, because they can’t bring in enough players to make it worthwhile. Which is fine for brand new casinos, definitely not for those that have been around for a while, where it might mean that they offer such a bad service or perhaps even a dishonest gambling experience that customers refuse to frequent the place.    

Whatever the case is, even if we give the biggest benefit of the doubt to these casinos that they’re only targeting much more casual gamers, if you’re a serious gambler, on any level, you should see a a lack of multiple blackjack tables as a sure sign that you’d be better off playing elsewhere. 

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And if all of this is true if you’re coming to a casino without the express intention of playing blackjack, it’s all the more true if you are. More tables means that there are many blackjack players who frequent the casino, which presumably means that it’s well worth playing there. More people playing equals more machines, so more machines means that the game both brings in plenty of serious gamers, and also caters to them. Plus, more machines means that they usually have a wider variety of minimum bets, ranging from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

So, how many blackjack tables are there at an average casino? Who knows? All that matters is that you ask that question about any casino, real or virtual, you decide to visit.

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