Arkadium blackjack


If you want to play Blackjack for free online this is a great start. Arkadium free Blackjack loads as soon as you surf in. No waiting time, only jazzy music and fun Blackjack. The game is very easy to get started with but you might want to read up on the rules, to begin with.

This game is a good choice even for beginner players but it does not come with some of the help functions you often see on this type av free Blackjack games.

An active Blackjack game

A good thing about this free Blackjack game is that it is very active. You will find other players just like you, ready to play a fun game of Blackjack. You can give and get a high five when you win which makes it very friendly and sociable.

Is the game rigged?

There have been some complaints about this game being rigged. Some claim to have tested going all in many times and yet the dealer ends up on 21 or beating out 20. We have to remember that this is a free game but you might want to think again before you start making any real bets.

As for the entertainment, there is nothing rigged about it. The game runs smoothly and it is always possible to simply turn off the music if you find it hard to concentrate with it blasting in the background.

If you are looking for a good free Blackjack game to practice on, this version might very well be all that you need!

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