3 Hand Blackjack Habanero


If you are curious about 3 hand Blackjack games this is for you! It is a free Blackjack game that lets you play with 3 hands each time. The game works well on your computer, laptop, and smartphone.

How to play

Start by setting your bet for each hand. You simply choose the chip with the value you want to bet and you place this on the circle representing each hand. When you are done with your bets you can press on Deal.

Once you deal, you get to play each hand. You have the regular options for Blackjack so you can stand or hit. Remember to play with strategy and make wise choices. This is an excellent game when you want to practice strategy since you have three hands to try it out on!

Graphics and animations

The game has beautiful graphics. They are clear-cut and make it easy for you to see how to play. The fact is that you don’t have to know much about Blackjack rules to get started with this game. It is very intuitive.

The animations are also of good taste. They are not too fast so you will see what happens. Yet they work in a smooth way so that you won’t get bored.

All in all, this is a very nice free Blackjack game. It has optional background music. We think the music is very suitable as it gives an authentic feeling of casino gaming. You could close your eyes and for a moment imagine that you are in a real land-based casino playing Blackjack in a smoking!

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