Slingo Blackjack Xchange



Slingo Blackjack Xchange is something to try if you are looking for a really good free Blackjack game. The design is made to make it easy for you to play. You don’t have to know a thing about Blackjack since the game shows you the gameplay in such a smart way.

How to play

Just start the game up and choose your bet. There is a voice that prods you on. It tells you what to do. You click on the chip with the value you want to bet and then you click on the circle on the table. This is a game with one hand active during each round.

Once you have placed your bet it is time to deal. You click on the button for dealing the cards and the speaker’s voice will tell you the sum of your cards. Now, you can hit, stand or double. This is not a real game for money, so it does not matter if you make a mistake.

Simple but fun

We do think that this is a rather simple game, but it is fun. The feeling is relaxed and you will quickly get into the rules. You can also try out a strategy and see how it falls out.

Should you want to play this specific game for real money, you need a casino with Slingo games. Even if you can’t find this specific game for real money, this version will teach you the gameplay well. Therefore, we can certainly recommend it to beginner players looking to get the hang of Blackjack.

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