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Caesars Pokers and Pairs Blackjack


Caesars Poker and Pairs Blackjack is one of the most fun forms of online blackjack on the market today. Bettors can play traditional hands of blackjack and can get involved with side bets that make every hand a rush, with a ton of flexibility in terms of how many different bets a player can place.


How the Caesars Poker and Pairs Blackjack Game Works

In Caesars Poker and Pairs Blackjack, bettors can first place a base wager on an upcoming hand of blackjack. They can then choose to place zero to two side bets on each hand, with one of those side bets being a poker wager and one being a pairs wager. With these side bets, the player’s two cards and the card that the dealer is showing are used to determine if there are any winners.

Making these side bets easy to understand is the pay table for both the poker and pairs bets right on the virtual felt in this game. Bettors can see what all of the winning card combinations are and what their potential payouts are, making what could have been a complicated version of a casino classic very easy to play.

Another positive to this game is the option to adjust the speed at which a player participates. Bettors can play at regular speed or go to turbo mode to get more hands done in the same amount of time.


About Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino is an online casino that is legal in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. This site is visually appealing, with a rather plain white background really making the casino games themselves stand out. And with the Caesars Entertainment brand behind it, bettors know they are in for a fair and legitimate online casino experience.


Caesars Pokers and Pairs Blackjack - Questions and answers

The max payout for this game is 100/1 on a suited three-of-a-kind, using the poker side bet feature. This means if a player is dealt two of the same card of the same suit, and the dealer is showing that same card and suit, a 100x payout is awarded.

There is not a specific bonus round-up for grabs in this game, but there are a lot of ways to win using the various side bet options available.

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