BetMGM Craps

BetMGM Craps


Craps is one of the signature table games at land-based casinos, but it is less popular at online casinos. BetMGM Craps makes an effort to change that, offering players a quality online craps experience with several ways to wager on each roll of the dice. Here, we look at the BetMGM Craps game and everything bettors should be aware of when they play this title.

How BetMGM Craps Works

With the BetMGM Craps game, bettors have a massive selection of bets that they can choose from. Everything from common craps bets to side bets like the hardway make this game incredibly entertaining. Just as importantly, there is the potential to make some serious profits should the dice go a player’s way with all of these different betting options on the table throughout.

Also nice about this game is the fact that bettors can read up on the rules of the game and how each different type of bet is won right there in the game itself. Craps is one of the more complicated table games out there, and the ability to figure out how to play the game right on the screen is a massive positive, even if the different types of bets on the table may take some getting used to.

About BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino is one of the more easy to use online casinos on the market right now. Their mobile app is the work of one of the brands most closely associated with wagering around the world, with MGM having a presence in cities like Las Vegas. Their casino site has popular slot and table games, along with scratch cards and other more adventurous game types for players to enjoy.


BetMGM Craps - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game comes on bets for the dice to land on snake eyes or double sixes. Those bets pay out at 30/1 odds, with the payout amount varying depending on how much a player wagers.

BetMGM Casino is available to be played in each of the four biggest online casino states. Bettors in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia can place wagers at this online casino site. Bettors are not required to live in those states in order to place bets, they are just required to be physically located in one of those states.

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