Globet Casino Craps


Here we have a very nice free Craps game. It is made to make it easy and fun for you to learn how to play. The design is impressive and you might find yourself playing many free rounds as it is quite entertaining.

Amazing graphics and good navigation

The graphics truly impress. They make it easy to navigate the game. You can easily pick your bet. Pick whatever you want. There are no other players around the table that could get upset by something other than The Passline bet.

When you are done choosing your bet, you can click on the Roll button. This will open up a new screen on the table. It looks like an indent in the table. With beautiful animation, the dice are rolled and you get the results.

After this, the screen returns to the regular table view and you can continue the game or start over. This is easy to understand and you really don’t have to know much about Craps to get going with the game.

With or without sound effects

We like that you can choose if you want sound effects on or not. This will not include casino music. The sound effects are kind of digital but they do bring more life to the game. As a practice game, this is a very good version.

If you are looking to learn the rules and you would like a free Craps game of high quality, the Globet version could be just right for you!

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