Vegas Slots Craps for free


If you are looking for a plain Craps game for free online, this can be a good start. It is well suited to beginners. To learn how to play craps, you start by reading more about the rules. You will find this information under the game.

The idea is that you bet on the outcome of the two dice in the game. There are many bets and you see them marked on the table. On the left side, you have your chips. These are for the size of your bet. Then you can click on the area for the type of bet you are making.

Easy to understand and play

This is truly an easy Craps game. You can’t really go wrong with it. Not only because it is free. The structure is so clear. All you have to do is click around to understand. We believe you could learn to play Craps using this game without even reading up on the rules.

Just click on the Roll button to start once you have chosen your bet. This will be the Come Out roll and then the game proceeds as usual. If you win, this will be clear. If you lose, nothing happens!

The game is lacking in sound effects

On the one hand, this game is simple and that is good. But it has no sound effects. This makes it a bit boring to play. You can start using this game, but we gather that you will probably want something a little bit more advanced as you get the hang of it.

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