Wizard of Odds Craps


This is an easy and free version of Craps online. The game is quite plain, but it will bring you into the magic of online Craps. Just surf into the site and you will have a game ready for you. Place your bet and shoot. It is that easy!

Standard rules for Craps

Before you start playing, it is wise to have a look at the rules. You will find them spelled out under the game. If you are new to Craps, this is a must. Note that you have options like slowing down the payment stage of the game if you feel as if it swishes by too fast.

Lovely graphics and animations

One thing is sure, this game has lovely graphics. You will clearly see how to bet on the green Craps table. It is easy to click on a bet and choose the amount. You have all of your options under the table.

Since this is a free Craps game, you can simply click and try. But again, read up on the rules to understand what you are doing. That will make the game better.

The animations are also nice. Sometimes they are a bit fast. But as mentioned, you can adjust this by changing the pace of the payment stage.

No sound effects

Something we miss in the Craps game is sound. It has no sound effects. That might be good for your concentration but it is a bit boring. You will have to play your own casino music in the background as you launch this game!

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