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How Many Bingo Halls Are There in America?

Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance, enjoying massive popularity throughout the world, even in places where other forms of gambling are prohibited. One of the things that stand out most about bingo is that it’s a game that is played not just in casinos, but in everything from retirement homes to charity events to bingo halls.

Yes, bingo halls. There aren’t many games of chance outside of poker that have entire venues dedicated to them, but bingo halls are one of the most popular places to play bingo. They’re also excellent places to host social functions like singles evenings and are ideal for just hanging out with friends. And don’t be put off by how popular bingo is with older people – just because it’s incredibly popular in retirement homes, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also very popular with people of all ages. 

Bingo halls may have a minimum age limit of eighteen (it is still, after all, a gambling game) but you will find people there of all backgrounds and ages. They also can easily double as popular venues for other sorts of board games or even wedding receptions.

They are so popular and so prevalent that you may be wondering just how many bingo halls there are throughout the United States and whether it’s even possible to tell. 

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Putting the Numbers Together

As it so happens, there is a way to tell how many bingo halls there are in America and that’s by tallying up how many websites, telephone numbers and emails there are related to individual bingo halls. This obviously means that entirely offline bingo halls won’t be counted in this tally, but these numbers are a good indication of just how many there are throughout the country – at bare minimum at that.

According to the Smartscrapers service that derive all sorts of data from all available websites, this is how it breaks down:


  • There are 2078 bingo halls with at least a phone number
  • There are 533 bingo halls with email
  • There are 520 bingo halls in the US with both phone numbers and email addresses
  • There are 1589 bingo halls with websites (which is, oddly, significantly more than those with emails)


In short, there are a lot of bingo halls all over the country, with these numbers being absolute minimums. The actual numbers are no doubt even higher.

Smartscrapers didn’t just stop there, in fact, but broke down how many bingo halls there are according to 1 to 5 star ratings, based on numerous aggregators and review sites. Here is how those numbers break down.


1 Star 14
2 Stars 5
3 Stars 25
4 Stars 306
5 Stars 1781


All of this is to say that not only are there thousands of bingo halls across the country, the vast, vast majority are excellently reviewed. If you enjoy bingo at all, and most people do, now would be as good a time as any to find a bingo hall nearby to enjoy the full experience.

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