Arkadium Bingo


If you are looking for free bingo games online, this might be something for you. Arkadium Bingo gives you the choice of free bingo with ads. You can also become a member and play bingo for real money. But everyone can start out for free just to try the game.

How to play Arkadium Bingo

It is easy enough to play Arkadium Bingo. You don’t have to download any software to start playing. Just click on the link to play for free and wait for the game to load. Now you can pick the amount of bingo cards you want to play with.

You can also adjust your bet. This is a free game, so you will obviously not win any real money. Practice a bit and notice how you do with different amounts of cards and bets. Just remember that you won’t be able to play as freely if you decide to bet for real.

Nice graphics but no sound effects

The graphics and animations are very nice but you don’t get any sound effects. To some this might feel a bit dry. Others might think that it is actually better without sounds and music. Especially if you are playing in a public place with people around you.

Under the game you can participate in conversation with other players. This is a very social bingo game with real players. If you have a comment, you can just write it below the game. Just make sure to be nice, especially if you are saying something about or to another player on the site.

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