Bingo Story review

Bingo Story


With online bingo games, it is hard to attach a compelling story to the action, as players typically care more about simply playing bingo than anything else. In Bingo Story, players are able to enjoy a story that does a better job of entertaining alongside the bingo gaming than most.

How Bingo Story Works

With Bingo Story, players are taken through a lengthy story where players are the hero, whose goal is to get back the fairy godmother’s books to save the day. To do so, players have to win levels of bingo to advance through the different portions of the story and accomplish the tasks that have been set up for them.

The bingo itself in this game is perfectly adequate, as players are looking to create winning bingo cards as they would in most online bingo titles. But it is the story that really takes this game over the top, as this title does a much better job of telling a story than its competitors in the world of online bingo.

About Clipwire Games

Clipwire Games is the developer responsible for Bingo Story, and they have put together several other bingo and solitaire-themed games for players to enjoy. This includes titles like Price is Right Bingo and Solitaire: Pet Story, which also does a good job of adding some excitement around the games themselves.

Bingo Story - Questions and answers

Bingo Story is free to play for players on their mobile devices. While there are in-app purchases available in this game, they are not needed to play this game on a regular basis.

Bingo Story is available on all major mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices. App marketplaces like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store will offer access to this game via free download.

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