Wheel Bingo


This bingo game is a combination of bingo, wheel of fortune and scratch card games. It looks fantastic and has a lot of advantages. But if you are looking for real bingo, there are better options. This bingo/wheel of fortune game is well suited for children since it is super easy to play and has basically no catches what so ever.

How do you play the game?

You simply have to click on the pictures showing on your card. When you do this, a symbol will show. You should match this symbol in a line to win. This is very easy since every picture hide the same symbol.

It is when you get into the real Bingo Wheel game that things get a bit more complicated. There you should look for the pictures on your board to show up during the actual show. This is better suited for adults but not something you get for free immediately in your browser.

Nice graphics and animations

This bingo game has very nice graphics and animations. It works well and come with sound effects that makes the game more exciting. You can always turn the sound off if you don’t like it. There is a button above the bingo card for this.

If you like to play the game again, you have a refresh button. However, we cannot see why someone should play this game for too long. At least not in the very basic version where you have the same symbol hiding under each picture.

But try it if you want something easy and colorful to play on your computer or phone!

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