Bingo Showdown Review

Bingo Showdown


Bingo Showdown is a free-to-play game that lets players take on a Wild West-themed world of bingo action. With the chance to win each round against live opponents, there is no shortage of excitement that can be found when playing this title. Here, we take a look at what makes this game tick and what players can expect when they download this free game.

How Bingo Showdown Works

With Bingo Showdown, players receive a number of free tickets that they can use to enter games of bingo. Those tickets can be used to enter single games or tournaments, with the winners of those games earning prizes in the form of tickets or other in-game rewards. The more players win, the more free games of bingo they will be able to participate in, which incentivizes paying attention and locking into each game.

Players are not relegated to playing just one bingo card in each game that they play. Instead, players can take on multiple cards, increasing their chances to win. While this does cost more tickets to do, it can be beneficial, as players have a better chance to win and earn more free bingo games by increasing the number of cards that they play.

With this title, the choice to go with a Wild West theme and only a Wild West theme is an interesting one. Many bingo games allow players to play through multiple themes, such as Wild West, beach themes, and other creative ideas. The aesthetics of this game are certainly not bad, but the lack of variety of backgrounds and designs could take away from this title in the eyes of some.

Bingo Showdown also has a robust community on social media, with hundreds of thousands of people following their Facebook page. There, players can be notified about tournaments and other special events happening in the game. This is not a huge added value for players who just want to download the app and play the game, but those who are looking for an experience that follows them onto social media will enjoy this about Bingo Showdown.

About Phantom EFX, Inc.

The developer of Bingo Showdown is Phantom EFX, Inc. They have several other popular games available on the App Store, along with Bingo Showdown. Those include 88 Fortunes and Monopoly Slots. The vast majority of their games are slot titles, with Bingo Showdown being the exception.

Bingo Showdown - Questions and answers

Bingo Showdown is free to play, as players can download this app from the App Store or Google Play and receive tickets to play games at no cost. This is a pretty standard practice for online bingo apps.

In-app purchases are an option for players when taking on Bingo Showdown. Players can purchase game tickets or other items that can help them to enjoy the bingo action more often in this game, though these purchases are not a requirement.

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