Bingo Bash Game Review

Bingo Bash


Bingo Bash is a free-to-play bingo app that allows players to join Mr. Monopoly to try and earn as many bingos as possible. With plenty of variety to look forward to without sacrificing the integrity of the game of bingo, both bingo traditionalists and those looking to spice things up will enjoy this title all the same.

How Bingo Bash Works

Bingo Bash is so much more than a game where players can compete against one another in bingo. This game offers tons of different themed bingo rooms, with a new bingo room being released on a monthly basis. With the ability to play new rooms and themes on such a regular basis, it is virtually impossible for the bingo action in this app to get stale.

Players can also get involved with a unique Monopoly-themed bingo room in this game, hence the presence of Mr. Monopoly throughout. This feature merges bingo and Monopoly in a way that incorporates the famous Monopoly game board along with bingo. This is just another way that players can enjoy some major variety when playing bingo for free.


About Scopely, Inc.

The developer of this game is Scopely, Inc., which is one of the bigger mobile gaming developers out there. They have several major licensed titles in their portfolio of apps, such as WWE Champions and Yahtzee With Buddies, in addition to this bingo game.

Bingo Bash - Questions and answers

Yes, Bingo Bash is free to play, with players able to take on all of the exciting game variations and themes that are available without needing to make any purchases.

There are in-app purchases that are available when playing Bingo Bash. But those purchases are not a requirement to enjoy what this title has to offer.

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