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Bingo Craze


Bingo Craze is a mobile bingo game from GameZen that provides players with bingo with several themes to enjoy when playing the game. Creative visuals and interesting power-ups make this title competitive with most online bingo experiences, as players can do much more than simply mark off numbers on their bingo cards on their mobile devices.

How Bingo Craze Works

With Bingo Craze, the core gameplay of this title is familiar to anyone who has played bingo before. The goal is to complete a line on each bingo card to earn bingo vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. But there is much more to this game, with the power-up options that are available giving bettors some unique pathways to claim bingo.

For example, players can get power-ups that allow them to get free dabs on their bingo cards. There is also the ability to get instant bingos with these power-ups, with the opportunity to get bingo before a combination of numbers comes up that would yield a bingo on a player’s card. Players can even swap out their bingo cards mid-game in exchange for other cards that could fare better.

Along with those fun features, players have the ability to play against their friends live, which may be the most exciting thing about this bingo title. Being able to play against people who are not strangers makes the online bingo experience all the better, and Bingo Craze has players covered in that regard.

About GameZen

GameZen is a South Korean mobile game developer that has created several intriguing games for iOS and Android devices. Included in their portfolio of games are titles such as Nuclear War 2, Empire Clash, and Blackjack 21+. They have also created Bingo Star and Bingo – Pharaoh’s Way in the bingo genre along with this title.

Bingo Craze - Questions and answers

Yes, this game is free to play on mobile devices. There are in-app purchases available that can be used to make it easier to win rounds of bingo, but they are not required, and bettors can play for free at all times if they please.

This game is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Players can download the game on the Google Play Store on Android devices and the Apple App Store on iOS devices free.

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