DraftKings Big Wheel Game

DraftKings Big Wheel


One of the most exciting things a bettor can do in a casino is spin a giant wheel with the hope of winning big. That is exactly the kind of rush that the DraftKings Big Wheel game provides to players, as they can spin for major payouts if the wheel lands on what they need it to. Here, we look at everything players can expect when they take to the DraftKings Big Wheel.


How DraftKings Big Wheel Works

With DraftKings Big Wheel, playing and potentially winning could not be easier to understand. Bettors can choose which of the seven types of slots on the big wheel the next spin will land on. Once they have placed the bets they want to make, bettors can hit the button and spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on a space a bettor has wagered on; they will win the amount they are owed based on the odds for the slot that won.

On the big wheel there are different amounts of each slot on the wheel. Ones and twos are much more common than higher numbers, along with the DraftKings and crown symbols. The more rare the number or symbol on the wheel, the bigger the potential payout when betting on those slots.

This game is actually rather basic despite the nice graphics and the excitement of the big wheel. There are only a few bets that can be made ahead of each spin, and once the wheel is moving, the action is completely out of the hands of players. But overall, this is a solid online casino game that does bring the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of dollars if the outcome of a spin triggers such a payout.


About DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino is becoming one of the more popular online casinos in the United States. Their game variety is superior to what is available at most online casino sites, as players can take on everything from traditional slots and table games to keno and big wheel games. Just like their online sportsbook offers more betting options than the majority of its competitors, DraftKings Casino has done a great job of keeping things interesting for players.

DraftKings Big Wheel - Questions and answers

The maximum payout from each spin in the DraftKings Big Wheel game is $250,000. To earn that payout, a bettor would need to place a max bet of $5,000 on either the crown symbol or the DraftKings logo. If the wheel landed on that symbol when a max bet was placed, that $250,000 payout would be awarded.

DraftKings Casino can be used in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Players can download their app and make deposits and withdrawals from other states. However, bettors must be physically located in one of those four states to place bets on casino games.

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