Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel

Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel


Those looking to enjoy a Vegas-style big wheel game on their phone can find just that with the Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel app. This app is free to play and cannot be played for real money. But the excitement from the game is very real, as players will look to predict where the wheel will land on each spin.


How Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel Works

The gameplay of the Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel game is very simple. Players can place play money bets on the outcomes of each spin of the big wheel in the game. If those predictions are correct, players will receive the corresponding payout for that outcome. 

Some numbers on the wheel are more abundant than others, with rarer numbers resulting in bigger payouts. Meanwhile, the two non-numerical symbols on the wheel have just one slot each on the wheel and come with the biggest payouts as a result.

With this game, the only concern is the fact that it is hard to stay engaged when there is no real money on the line. The repetitiveness of a big wheel game is usually offset by the allure of winning real money. But without that potential reward, the only thing to keep players excited about this game on a regular basis is their own competitive nature, which can vary wildly from one player to the next.


About Endless Loop Apps Inc.

Endless Loop Apps Inc. is the developer of this big wheel game app. Their portfolio of mobile apps is very unique, as they are not focused on gaming specifically. Instead, their other apps include an AI art generator, an adult coloring book app, and some health and wellness apps as well.

Las Vegas Slot Machine Wheel - Questions and answers

The maximum win amount for this game is a 50/1 win for the wheel landing on either the Joker symbol or the American flag symbol. A player would need to place a max bet on those symbols and have the wheel land on one of them in order to claim the max win in this big wheel-style game.

This app can be downloaded from all app marketplaces, such as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is free to download, though there are in-app purchases that are available within the game.

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